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About Me.

Hi, I am Mike! 

Movement, Textures and Colors have always inspired me. My work is driven by passion and love for what I do. I am always looking to bring out the best of a product or a clients wish. My experience as a professional dancer equipped me with an expert eye for quality, dynamics and details, which is a must have in any creative field. I am open to learn and grow with every challenge coming my way. 


2022 - 2022

Internship Pixelbar GmbH

During four months I got to experience the work as a 3D artist and motion graphics designer in the industry. Learned a lot about the workflow and got to work for amazing clients like DJ Bobo, Post, Flowcast and more.

2022 - 2022


Booked an online course about Motion Design and learned everything about Adobe AfterEffects. Sound Design, Color Grading, 2D & 3D animation and much more.

2022 - 2022

3D Concept Artists

Completed an online course about 3D concept art and how to master zBrush. Learned everything about the program but also about conceptualization, shape language, textures & the whole development of concept art.

2020 - 2022

From 2D illustration (analogue & digital), to 3D modelling, sculpting, texturing & rendering, to 2D and 3D animation as well as blueprinting in game engines, we have learned everything you need to work as a 3D artist.

SAE Institute Zurich

2018 - 2020

First Steps in 3D and illustration

I have always had a passion for videogames, animated movies and illustration but only started putting in the work in 2018.  Taught myself how to draw and watched thousands of tutorials about 3D.

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